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Stefanay Allen

Stefanay has over 20 years of experience in the advertising and graphic design business. Even from an early age, her talents as an artist were recognized and encouraged, and by graduating from SCAD with a graphic design degree, Stefanay has fulfilled the dream that she held since she was 10 years old.

Being the driven individual that she is, she did not merely stop there with her dreams, she also had the desire to own her own business. This was impressed upon her by her father, who also owned his own business throughout her life. Being a business owner was a desire that always burned deep, and once she gained some real-world experience and "learned the ropes" she fulfilled yet another dream. Stefanay started her own company, which she solely managed for 7-years before partnering with Jason Driver in the ownership of DragoonStudios, LLC.

Jason Driver

Jason brings 22 years of experience at both advertising agencies and production facilities. Though he initially got into the business by chance, it was a perfect fit. His meticulous and detail orientated personality complimented the business. Jason has always strived for efficiency by any and all means. This most certainly lends itself to being able to save time and money on all projects, which ultimately applies itself to the bottom line.

Jason is also a self-proclaimed "Tech-Junkie" who is constantly on top of what is next on the technology front (secretly looking for a program or process that can save time or increase efficiency). Jason also tries to live his life by an anonymous quote that his father always used, "Bleach the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory rested, and resting died." It has always reminded him to never give up, no matter what obstacles he may be facing, or how close he may think he is to achieving his goals.

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